Insight: People like the idea of endless choice, but not the practice of it. Based on the Diversification Bias - Humans have a tendency to overestimate the amount of variety they will want in the future.
When you’re a kid, you’re taught the importance of a “clean plate.”
You can’t get dessert without it.
Those who clean their plates are heralded as heroes of the dinner table.
"Look who cleaned their plate" everyone proclaimed!
Sure, it’s important for growing children to finish their meal, but aren't we also teaching them something about options and choices? Parents want children to believe they can do anything, that the world is their oyster. But how can it be if their plate is already full?
See, as we grow up the nature of the plate changes some. It becomes a metaphor.
He’s got a lot on his plate.
She’s got a full plate right now.
We’ve got plenty of plates spinning.
We tend to fill our proverbial plate so full that the limitless variety of childhood becomes the constrained reality of adulthood.
More than ever we wish we could have that clean plate.
A clean plate represents opportunities. Possibilities. A chance to see if the grass really is greener on the other side. A fresh start and a new beginning.
YOU do with YOUR plate what YOU want.
At Cicis, you get a fresh, clean plate every time you head to the Buffet. A complete do over, each and every time with the chance to experience the spice that is the variety of the Buffet. In a world where a clean plate is as unattainable as a free lunch, Cicis provides it time and time again.
So step up to the plate, and see what happens when it’s clean.
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