Performance Painting Contractors INC has an interesting dilemma in their communications strategies with HOA boards. See, in the state of Florida, HOA boards are required by the state to paint their properties on a strict schedule. This causes complex feelings amongst board members and homeowners.
Before we developed a communications strategy for the project, I wanted to better understand what kind of feelings and needs were involved in the process of an HOA board hiring a painting company. As we know, HOA boards are made up of humans no different than any others, and everything they do is based on meeting their needs. 
We conducted an initial survey of homeowners, and found that the two primary emotions involved in the experience of house painting are Annoyance and Excitement
Since these two emotions are diametrically opposed, I hypothesized that there must be an underlying need associated with both of these emotions that when met causes Excitement and when unmet causes Annoyance. 
Our research would focus on what factors are involved in making someone excited about house painting instead of annoyed? 
We then surveyed a larger group of homeowners with a hypothetical situation: Imagine you're told you must hire someone to paint the condo complex in which you live, and serve on the HOA board. 
When given this prompt - 
65% of respondents said they would feel Excited 
35% reported they would feel Annoyed. 
Of those who reported Annoyance, 53% said they felt that way because they lacked *Autonomy* in the process. They, “don’t like to be forced to take action or make a decision.”
Of those who reported Excitement:
35% said it’s a chance to make things more *beautiful*.
31% said it’s a chance to make things more *orderly*.
19% said it's a chance to be *creative*. 
11% said it's a chance to *contribute* to a meaningful project. 
Finally, we asked how respondents would feel when the painting job is finished. They said:
46% Satisfied
22% Proud
14% Peaceful
13% Grateful
Conclusion: Most HOA painting companies focus their marketing strategies around turning down the volume on “annoyance” in the mind of a target. They discuss safety, insurance, timeliness, etc… when actually the root cause of the annoyed feeling is lack of autonomy. The HOA board members don’t have a choice in the matter of painting their community, that’s out of their hands. So what options are in there hands? How can we give them back a sense of autonomy? 
Additionally, the research reflects a chance for a marketing strategy aimed to HOA board members built around reframing the painting process as an opportunity rather than a task. To do that, the campaign should aim to move any viewer from feeling annoyed to feeling excited. We know from the research, that the feeling of excitement in this case is build around a met need of Autonomy, and primarily because of a desire for *beauty* and *order* in the communities in which the HOA board members live. Creativity and contribution are also factors, but to a much less significant extent. 
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